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Creepy Carrots Book Companion Activity Pack | 17 pages


17 fun activity pages for the book “Creepy Carrots” written by Aaron Reynolds, illustrated by Peter Brown. Including About the Author and Illustrator pages!

17 pages of engaging activities for Creepy Carrots by Aaron Reynolds!

What's Included:

Prep Pockets: Two pockets you can cut out and tape into the book. These will be used to hold the "Questions About the Story" and "Vocabulary Words" strips.

Questions About the Story Strips: 12 Questions to ask students about events in the story.

Vocabulary Words Strips: 9 vocabulary words used in the book, with definitions included.

Adjective or Adverb? Mini Cards: 12 cards that can be cut out. Read the word on the card, look at the word it is describing and determine if the word is an adjective or an adverb. Then flip the card over to see if you were right.

Note: These two pages will need to be printed double sided so the answers will be on the back of each card. 

About The Author - Aaron Reynolds: Fun and interesting facts about the man behind Creepy Carrots

About The Author (Me): Children can write an about the author for themselves.

My Book: Two lined pages for children to write their own creative story.

Summarize The Book: Two lined pages to practice writing a summary of the book and important details.

About The Illustrator: Discover fun and interesting things about the illustrator as well as chance to peak at some of the concept art and rough sketches from the book’s early stages.

About The Illustrator (Me): Write your name and draw a picture on your very own About The Illustrator page.

Concept Art - By The Illustrator: See a variety of concept art done by Peter Brown before the book was published.

Concept Art - By Me: Create your own concept art!



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